Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Back to blogging

Starting a blog.... third attempt

If I could still find my first posts ever, I would have started my blog here with it. But they seem long buried under 100'000s of more recent and more relevant articles or perhaps they really have disappeared from all mirrors and backlogs.

Let me look back for a second at two earlier attempts of creating a meaningful web presence for myself:

In the early nineties I fooled around a bit with the Digitale Stad (=digital city), a web analogy that has largely disappeared (and rightly so). Although popular enough, browsing for information in an artificial subway system with no search functionality was painful for all but the most hard-core fans.

In 1998 in my second attempt at blogging I created a travel journal online and maintained it at Crosswinds. With an online html editor and easy ftp uploading, Crosswinds was easy enough. However, after a few months, my webcounter was still stuck in the teens. My pen pals seemed to lack the passion for the emerging web that I had. For lack of audience I gave up and went back to the one to many weekly email, the persisting standard communication for folks abroad until Facebook.

Back to the blog at hand: unlike the strictly professional or personal blogs out there this one intends to be unfocused from the outset, for the simple reason that I am afraid I wont be able to keep it very fresh if I did not make use of every possible urge I feel to write. I managed without writing a blog for the last 10 years after all. So here it goes...